Kimera ––
Solutions for the NOW

We blend world-class design with cutting edge technology to create effective solutions for your marketing challenges.

Branding –––

Kimera has an extensive background creating brands for diverse industries worldwide. We will help you create a custom-made package to fit exactly your needs.

Branding services:
– Logo Design – Naming and slogans – Brand Mascot Design – Product Packaging and Labeling – Printed Collateral and Stationery – Corporate Presentations /eBooks – Interior/Outdoors art & renders – Vehicle Branding
About our branding solutions

We create winner brands. And Brands, just like people, can be: ugly, pretty, handsome, silly, intelligent, cool, isolated...
How's your brand looking now?

Websites & Apps –––

We design world-class digital interfaces, websites and apps,
according to your needs and purpose. We don't only "build" websites and apps. We design them. This means we think them, plan them and test them from a human perspective, to make sure people actually want to use them. We get it, if they don't enjoy the experience, they won't buy.

Web services:
– World-Class Websites – Business/Company Websites – eCommerce Websites – Promotional Landing Pages – Express Webpages – Self-Managed Websites – Custom-made Apps & Interfaces
About our web solutions

We craft digital experiences to help you convert curious users into fans and proud ambassadors of your brand.

Digital Marketing –––

We help you to make resonate your message, and make your clients feel attracted and connected to your brand.

Digital marketing services:
– Social media massive reach – Creative direction & content strategy – Art & design for social media – Motion graphics and mini-clips – Digital community management – Search engine marketing
About our creative marketing solutions

Solutions and strategies to help you increase your sales conversion rate through the power of wise design.