Random Technology

Technology for Restaurants

This software and technology company hired us to redesign their brand identity and website. The main challenge was to create a website where they could showcase clearly the extensive catalog of services and solutions in a friendly way.
The brand has a 25 years history in the market and part of the project was to re-invent the brand identity so they could look more attractive to their clients.

Clean and modern interface

The main factor we considered was user exeperience. Users wanted to see a modern company and part of the process was the animations and transitions to help communicate that.

Typography and Color

We managed carefully the color palette, to don't use more of the 2 colors in order to create a sense of standard and profesionalism, incluiding the hierarchy of the text blocks across the full website. Over 20 pages of content, following the same patterns and standards to reflect the consistency needed.

Modern Brand Identity

The new brand identity was exploded to connect with certain elements one piece with another. We managed clear photography and mostrly squared texts, which were crucial to give the brand a sense of "tech savvy" business. We also designed a brand mascot "Randy" to help them make an emotional connection in special events and some specific marketing needs.

Visual Stationery

The Business cards, brochures, letterheads, folders, product tags, including the outdoors and internal office was redesigned to align the new visual system.

Client testimonial

It was a great change for our company, in the good way. The new identity gave as a well needed refresh, and the new website has been very well accepted by our clients and providers. Kimera is a very professional and quality agency you can definitely rely on.