Queen Shine

QueenShine is a beauty lounge focused on bussy women.
They hired us to create their full brand identity, including naming, logo, printed marketing and website. The challenge? Attract a specific market of women... strong, but not too dark. High-profile, but not too Fancy. Determined and profesionist women who actually needed a hand with their personal care and were willing to pay for that extra care from time to time.

Clear message

Busy women don't have too much time to read your full mission, vision, values. They need a straight forward message. That's what we did, a set of powerful advertising messages focused on make a quick reaction in women with that lifestyle.

Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day

This commercial message, intended to communicate that as long as you look good from the moment you get ready to start your day, everything else in the rest of the day will be piece of cake for you.

Vibrant Marketing Pieces

We designed everything, business cards, internal services menu, ambient branding inside and outside, printed flyers, billboards, magazine and newspaper ads, posters... to make sure there was a hollistic connection across each piece.

Strong Details

Each piece of design created, had a very peculiar accent intended to give a strong/aggressive touch to the visual identity. This helped to communicate the determination needed to influence the target market which the client needed to attract.

Client testimonial

QueenShine was a project I had so much faith on, that's why I looked for the experts. I worked previously with Kimera and I knew the world-class design was guaranteed. Our strong brand identity helped a lot to beat our competitors in the first months. Very happy with the project!