Global One80

A non-profit organizationin the U.S. hired us to re-design their brand identity and website.
The goal was to reflect visually the clear message of transforming communities one life at a time.
We designed a visual system around that message including the full collateral pieces for both digital and printed media.

Vibrant and clean identity

The pieces designed were aligned to achieve simplicity, making them easy to read.

Flexible Brand

As we created the logo, we thought carefuly about the multiple uses that their logo could have, so we created alternative versions to make it easy to apply either vertically or horizontally, for both positive and negative/noisy backgrounds.

Fully Responsive website

More than 20 pages of content organized and designed in a specific way where users could easily understand what kind of content they were reading or searching. Their website included a complex filtering among leaders, projects, countries to link the exisiting items of those data bases. The result, a functional website super easy to use.

Consistent Stationery

The color palette chosen for Global One80 allowed us to apply very creatively the use of light and high contrast colors to manage a friendly readability in their printed material.

Client testimonial

All the team is loving the new brand and we received very positive feedback about our new website. Thank you very much for understanding and providing us a useful tool and powerful identity for the organization.